Asia comprises 60% of the world’s people and our economy is increasingly tied more to the region, particularly to North Asia. A new generation of secondary school students is studying an Asian language. Not surprisingly, more Australians are looking to Asia for their next overseas trip. Whether for fun and sun in Bali or Thailand, a cultural and visual experience in China and Vietnam, a captivating trek  in the Himalaya, or kaleidoscopic imagery in India, our team is well equipped to assist you with travel plans.

We have in house experience and knowledge of China dating back to the Cultural revolution. For the new and emerging China we can help you choose a travel program from the portfolios of quality tour providers, or design a journey just for you. Your choice may be:

A comfortable guided tour; or

A testing small group adventure that provides targeted insights into the old and new contrasts of this vast country; or

A tailored individual program that showcases your special interests.

If your wish list comprises such highlights as the Great Wall, terracotta warriors and horses, a Yangzi River cruise, old and new Shanghai, and the vasst vistas and waterways of Guilin we can nominate the best options. But we can also tick some lesser known wonders that may not have made your wish list. Like the wondrous time-warped hinterland town of Pingyao with its world-heritage listed architecture and mansions, or the snow-capped mountains ringing the aquamarine ponds and cataracts of Nine Hamlet Canyon, or the Tibetan Monastries and breathtaking scenery near the Yellow River in the Gansu Corridor.

Identifying your itinerary is but one element of your China journey. Our tips on maximising your experience of the people, the culture and the cuisines, and knowing how to prepare for China – that is our forte.