Customer Service

This is the core of our business which ties all of our values together. We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service.  Our people are passionate, honest, reliable and motivated, to ensure all aspects of your travel is managed to the highest standard. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we believe key elements are essential to achieve our goal.

  • Prompt response to travel enquiries

  • Friendly, personable communication

  • Detailed user friendly itineraries

  • Presentable travel documentation including itinerary wallets

  • 24/7 access to our dedicated travel managers, provides security and peace of mind

  • Making ourselves responsible for all aspects of your travel

  • Advising of schedule changes and a proactive response to unforeseen circumstances

  • Liaising with suppliers on your behalf

  • Comprehensive financial reporting

  • Checkmytrip

Those who book flights through Just Travel have access to checkmytrip, which can be viewed on the individuals PC or the app can be downloaded to any mobile including iPhone, Android & Blackberry.  A few features of this include the ability to view all your Just Travel Bookings, check-in for your flight, link your flights to your outlook calender & view the weather, local time and exchange rate at your destination.